Past Projects

Past Projects at a Glance

After being in business for more than three decades we certainly have a lot of projects under our belt. While this portfolio isn’t exhaustive by any means, it should give you a pretty good idea of what we’re capable of. 

Scaling on the seawall

Limited access, tight shutdown window, sensitive environment, minimize damage

Steep Terrain

Demolition of exiting house, scaling, blasting. Two machine excavation.

Marine access only

Coordination of barging for transport efficiency.

Complex retaining wall system

Uneven bedrock, some concrete footings, geogrid, engineered fill, compaction

Box culvert installation

Maintain access throughout construction

Trail restoration

Return the public space back to better than the beginning

Land Clearing

Remove trees for new development.

Foreshore Construction

Prepare a waterfront lot with all of the proper engineering.

Complex Demolition

Every structure has intricacies that require skill to take down safely.

Natural play Space

Underground storage tank

Implementing a storm water retention system.

Drystack Rock wall

Geogrid supported blast rock wall.

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